First State Flippers
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Low Rise Low Rise
Earned for moving up a group with the minimum points possible.

Introduced 05/15/2012

Players With This Badge (23)

PlayerDate Earned
Joe Fortuna11/09/2021
Marianne Pangia10/19/2021
Chad Hastings10/19/2021
Matt Groh08/18/2021
Eric Kraus08/17/2021
Jason Bonner08/17/2021
Don Johnson08/17/2021
Kevin Mace08/11/2021
Cindy McCarthy08/10/2021
Barry Myers08/04/2021
Bill Richardson08/04/2021
Alex Huskins08/03/2021
Scott McCarthy08/03/2021
Chase Castora07/21/2021
Clif Schrock07/20/2021
David Wright07/14/2021
Tom Leary07/13/2021
Rich Moon07/07/2021
Leann Legg07/07/2021
Dan Mize05/18/2021
Bill Bush05/11/2021
Avery Bonner05/11/2021
Cristal Guillen04/07/2021