First State Flippers
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Luck of the Irish Luck of the Irish
Earned for playing on St. Patrick's Day (no preplays or forfeits).

Introduced 01/15/2013

Players With This Badge (13)

PlayerDate Earned
Thomas Garvin03/17/2022
Jose Waybright03/17/2022
Jim Cardona03/17/2022
Greg Postle03/17/2022
Kim Zink03/17/2022
Jeff Andress03/17/2022
Piper Pratzner03/17/2022
Jim Perugini03/17/2022
Paul Pratzner03/17/2022
Samantha Jacob03/17/2022
Joe Fox 03/17/2022
Pete Tsipouras03/17/2022
Amanda Abbott03/17/2022