Delaware Pinball Collective
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Earned for winning a game with less than 20% of the league average score.

Introduced 01/01/2012

Players With This Badge (17)

PlayerDate Earned
Kevin Montano09/26/2023
Samantha Christina05/02/2023
Chris Hurst04/25/2023
Mort McNally01/31/2023
Andy Pergrin01/10/2023
Chad Asher10/25/2022
Mark Finnerty07/27/2022
Tom Langley07/19/2022
Mary Beth Andrews06/22/2022
Travis Friedman06/22/2022
Tom Radziewicz06/15/2022
Adam Byler06/15/2022
Steve Mercer03/23/2022
Chase Castora08/11/2021
Joe Fortuna08/10/2021
Joe Fox 07/28/2021
Mike Carrigan05/25/2021