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Groundhog Day Groundhog Day
Earned for keeping the same ladder position for 3 consecutive meets.

Introduced 05/15/2012

Players With This Badge (25)

PlayerDate Earned
Jim Perugini09/26/2023
Mike Germscheid08/01/2023
Zena Perkins07/25/2023
Stacy Powell05/09/2023
Gretchen Pawley02/14/2023
Darryl Johnson02/14/2023
Brad Andersen02/07/2023
Tony Lastowka11/03/2022
Dennis Quesenberry10/20/2022
Joanna Szotkiewicz10/18/2022
Cassie Rogin07/28/2022
Kim Zink07/21/2022
Cooper Asher07/19/2022
Sonny Cieslak06/28/2022
Rob Romeo03/22/2022
Amanda Abbott03/10/2022
Matthew Richardson02/22/2022
Mike Veith02/16/2022
Paul Pond11/16/2021
David Wright08/11/2021
Matt Long08/11/2021
Joe Fortuna08/10/2021
Garrett Pond07/27/2021
Pete Tsipouras04/20/2021
Chad Hastings04/20/2021