First State Flippers
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Top Banana Top Banana
Earned for qualifying for the playoffs as #1 seed in your division.

Introduced 09/01/2011

Players With This Badge (30)

PlayerDate Earned
Jim Perugini02/28/2023
Mort McNally02/28/2023
Connie Pratzner02/28/2023
Dennis Quesenberry02/28/2023
Darryl Johnson02/28/2023
Tom DeStasio11/01/2022
Joseph Christina11/01/2022
Kent Stein11/01/2022
Jeff Andress07/28/2022
Pete Tsipouras07/28/2022
Mac McCubbin07/27/2022
Marshall Bonner07/27/2022
Mike Veith07/27/2022
Cooper Asher07/26/2022
Paul Frie07/26/2022
Greg Postle03/24/2022
Thomas Garvin03/24/2022
Chris Radziewicz03/23/2022
Paul Pratzner03/22/2022
Geoff Warke03/22/2022
Mark Finnerty11/23/2021
Todd Cranwell11/23/2021
Alex Huskins11/23/2021
Andrew Cronk08/31/2021
Kevin Mace08/25/2021
Chad Repaal08/25/2021
Matthew Richardson08/25/2021
Sandy Henning05/25/2021
Kevin Castora05/25/2021
Chad Hastings05/25/2021