First State Flippers
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Strong Finish Strong Finish
Earned for getting a league high score on a machine in the final meet of a season.

Introduced 09/01/2011

Players With This Badge (26)

PlayerDate Earned
Jeff Andress07/28/2022
Joe Fox 07/28/2022
Darryl Johnson07/28/2022
Travis Friedman07/27/2022
Greg Postle07/27/2022
Brian LeBlanc07/27/2022
Jim Perugini07/26/2022
Piper Pratzner03/24/2022
Connie Pratzner03/24/2022
Samantha Jacob03/24/2022
Paul Pratzner03/24/2022
Thomas Garvin03/24/2022
Don Johnson03/23/2022
Jason Bonner03/23/2022
Tom Langley03/22/2022
Ian Quiroz03/22/2022
Mark Mezis03/22/2022
Bill Richardson03/22/2022
Joe Fortuna11/23/2021
Mac McCubbin11/23/2021
Mike Veith08/31/2021
Marshall Bonner08/31/2021
Mike Carrigan08/31/2021
Eric Kraus05/25/2021
Pete Tsipouras05/25/2021
Chad Hastings05/25/2021