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In Love With Pinball In Love With Pinball
Earned for playing on Valentine's Day (no preplays or forfeits).

Introduced 01/15/2013

Players With This Badge (26)

PlayerDate Earned
Alex Huskins02/14/2023
Jim Cardona02/14/2023
Cooper Asher02/14/2023
Tom DeStasio02/14/2023
Robert Fries02/14/2023
Sonny Cieslak02/14/2023
Chad Asher02/14/2023
Mort McNally02/14/2023
Kim Zink02/14/2023
Rob Romeo02/14/2023
Steven Pawley02/14/2023
Connie Pratzner02/14/2023
Joseph Christina02/14/2023
Paul Pratzner02/14/2023
Adam Byler02/14/2023
Bill Richardson02/14/2023
Amanda Abbott02/14/2023
Brad Andersen02/14/2023
Brian LeBlanc02/14/2023
Andy Pergrin02/14/2023
Jim Perugini02/14/2023
Nick Wahal02/14/2023
Samantha Jacob02/14/2023
Mike Germscheid02/14/2023
Thomas Garvin02/14/2023
Gretchen Pawley02/14/2023